Project Description


Boenga is an award-winning floral design house based in Singapore, known for its elaborate and sophisticated style. The founder – Harijanto wanted to end the year by presenting gifts to his honored clients with luxurious home fragrances that use Neroli flower as its primary scent. It’s a flower found in Casablanca, Morocco.

We came up with highly intricate patterns and designs that are based on the beautiful architecture seen on the Mosques in Morocco. We challenged ourselves with an extremely sophisticated multi-layer design, which was then laser-cut with high precision and made onto a booklet. The team also produced custom typeface and collaborated with a renowned calligrapher to produce the beautiful title on the cover.


The client wanted something over-the-top and elaborate, a design that was based on the origin of the flower used on the home fragrances.


Stunning calligraphy on the book cover, with intricate hand-crafted borders, patterns and architectural patterns. Each and every page was laser-cut in different design and then layered on top of each other to form a complete image.

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