Who are the creative forces behind Kartoe?

Tandy is the founder of Kartoe, the pioneering luxury stationery design atelier based in Singapore. As a graphics virtuoso with original ideas and great passion for visual styling, he formally introduced his Kartoe Couture designs to rejuvenate the template-driven industry in 2010. Since then, his works have garnered him praises among international high-profile social [...]

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Why is Kartoe unique?

Kartoe is a multi-award winning stationery design boutique that strives to be a leading trendsetting design boutique that sets the benchmark for luxury wedding invitations and stationery in Singaporem across Asia and worldwide. The team approaches all clientele like a blank canvas and expertly guide through the clients through a series of personalized personalized processes [...]

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What is Kartoe?

Kartoe [kar-too]  ̶  literally means "Cards" in Bahasa Indonesia, was established in 2009 and is headquartered in Singapore. Kartoe is honored to be one of Asia's leading multi-award winning luxury stationery design boutiques and has been named one of the luxury companies to watch for by Channel NewsAsia.

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