Who are the creative forces behind Kartoe?2017-05-20T07:37:41+00:00

Tandy is the founder of Kartoe, the pioneering luxury stationery design atelier based in Singapore. As a graphics virtuoso with original ideas and great passion for visual styling, he formally introduced his Kartoe Couture designs to rejuvenate the template-driven industry in 2010.

Since then, his works have garnered him praises among international high-profile social individuals, corporate clientele and luxury brands, he also won an honorable mention in the prestigious FPO Awards, Design & Design Awards and Behance Portfolio Review Awards.

Tandy also works closely with his team of talented individuals to make masterpieces.

Why is Kartoe unique?2017-05-20T07:08:32+00:00

Kartoe is a multi-award winning stationery design boutique that strives to be a leading trendsetting design boutique that sets the benchmark for luxury wedding invitations and stationery in Singaporem across Asia and worldwide. The team approaches all clientele like a blank canvas and expertly guide through the clients through a series of personalized personalized processes to achieve original and refined designs, which are to be crafted and produced from the most luxurious materials with tactile elements.

What is Kartoe?2017-05-20T06:57:14+00:00

Kartoe [kar-too]  ̶  literally means “Cards” in Bahasa Indonesia, was established in 2009 and is headquartered in Singapore. Kartoe is honored to be one of Asia’s leading multi-award winning luxury stationery design boutiques and has been named one of the luxury companies to watch for by Channel NewsAsia.


How much do your cards cost?2017-05-20T08:10:31+00:00

Kartoe Couture is a very unique design process, which means all artworks and typography are all crafted manually from the scratch, specially customized and designed all around you and your event. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all designs, that is why we do not have a fixed price-list and our pricing is as custom as our design. For a start, here’s the starting price for our Couture basic suite that includes 1 invitation card and a matching envelope printed with 1-color foil stamping and flat printing.

50 = S$2,023.20
75 = S$2,251.80
125 = S$2,678.40
150 = S$2,892.60
250 = S$3,873.60
300 = S$4,319.10

* prices are in SGD

The pricing may increase from the starting price, depending on the unique enhancement choices and changes to the basic specs.Typically, the following items determine your final pricing:
– Quantity
– Printing methods
– Paper & materials
– Number of colors
– Complexity of the designs

Since the possibilities are limitless, contact us and share with us more about what you have in mind.

What is the minimum order?2017-05-20T07:53:14+00:00

The beauty of going for Couture stationery is there is virtually no restrictions at all. We are more than happy to assess your needs and to be as accommodating as possible – be it 1, 100, or 10,000.


How long will it take for my order to arrive?2017-05-20T06:29:51+00:00

We will ship your order via DHL at your preferred speed option and the shipping speed will be determined by your selected speed option and the delivery destination. As soon as your order is shipped, we will update you via email including your tracking information.

How do you calculate the shipping rates?2017-05-20T06:16:23+00:00

Shipping rates are calculated based on the weight of the entire package and delivery location, we usually ship your order from our main office in Singapore. There are times we will ship your order from Malaysia or Indonesia, if you are located closer to the aforementioned countries.

Do you ship internationally?2017-05-20T06:11:30+00:00

We always welcome international clientele and yes we do ship your stationery to anywhere you are in the world via DHL from Singapore.
Upon completing the production, we will calculate the shipping rates and schedules, which are dependent on the weight of the package and the delivery location.

Please note: Customers outside of Singapore may be liable for customs and import duties, product restrictions and other requirements imposed by your local customs.